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"Invisible" and "museum quality" restoration.

We offer complete restoration and conservation services. Our specialty is "invisible" and "museum quality" restoration work. We buy broken antiques. Mail us.

We work on variety of project ranging from antiquities to contemporary works of art. These are examples of some of the projects we have restored.

Large vases - restored! Porcelain vases - restored!  Artifacts - restored!
For more images click "Samples of our work!" above. For description of our services go to the page of interest above, or scroll down for general information. 

We offer high quality restoration services for:
Custom reproduction services:
  • We create lids for vases including Sevres.
  • All parts of any (including Meisen) figurines can be reproduced.
  • Hand carving in wood, bone, ivory and stone.
Restoration of objects damaged in fire, by smoke, or by water.

Samples of our work(800 x 600 resolution.)

Our clients entrust their valuable and sentimental items to Golberg Restoration Co. because they care about their artworks and they know that no one can handle restoration as well as the professionals at Golberg Restoration.

Golberg Restoration Co. offers you a wide variety of restoration services which means that Golberg Restoration Co. can be a one stop shopping for all your restoration and conservation needs.

Besides offering an exceptional selection of services, we at Golberg Restoration Co. differentiate ourselves from the competition by emphasizing quality of our work. We have earned our reputation by striving to achieve perfection. Our clients are respectable antique dealers, auction houses, art galleries, and private collectors who value quality workmanship and trust their valuables with us in order to bring them back to perfect condition in case of damages, as well as for conservation purposes when needed. This high quality restoration work will make sure that you will be delighted with the way their objects are restored.

Since restoration often costs a fraction of full replacement value, restoring the damaged item may save thousands of dollars, compared to replacing it. We offer such services as free oral estimates; written reports detailing damages to the artwork(s) and description of restoration work to be done. We can assist with insurance claims by providing documentation of restoration work. In some circumstances we may be able to help sell the item that was damaged, if the owner does not wish to have it restored.

Our scope of work covers such works as Meissen, Wedgwood, Royal Vienna, Serves, and other European and American porcelains, as well as Oriental masterpieces from such dynasties as Ming, Tang, and numerous Japanese and other oriental porcelains, as well as majolica; paintings by such schools as old Flemish, European, and contemporary masters; Venetian, Bohemian, Byzantine, ancient Roman, and Art Nouveau glass from Tiffany, Lalique, Galle, Doume Nancy, and Baccarat; European and Asian furniture from such makers as Boule, Beidermeier, and others from 17C to 20C, numerous Oriental screens including lacquer, wood, and gilded paper screens from China and Japan; clocks such as historical 1770’s English clock presented in London by King George III to Lord Clive of India; and many other unique, signed, historical, as well as simply sentimental and decorative items. Regardless of the age of the damaged item, whether it is a 3,000 year old antiquity or a recently created artwork, we can restore it to its pre-damaged condition.

Golberg Restoration Co. has been in business for 30 years, and we are looking for many more years of satisfying our clients.

Please call, e-mail,or write our office, or follow this link for additional information to place an order.

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