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Glass and Crystal Restoration.

We offer various restoration services for glass and crystal objects including:

  • Cleaning,
  • Polishing,
  • Mending,
  • Recreation of missing areas,
  • In-painting,
  • Reverse painting.

In many cases we strive to achieve perfection by ensuring that prior damages are left invisible. Nevertheless, as a transparent material, there are times when crystal and glass cannot be restored without cracks visible.

We work with a variety of glass objects including:
  • Venetian glass,
  • Bohemian glass,
  • Byzantine glass,
  • Ancient Roman glass,
  • Art Nouveau glass:
    • Tiffany,
    • Lalique,
    • Galle,
    • Doume Nancy,
    • Baccarat.
  • Contemporary works.
  • Art glass.

Please call, e-mail,or write our office, or follow this link for additional information to place an order.

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