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Reproduction Services.

When an object cannot be restored due to severe missing areas, or when a part of the object is missing, our custom reproduction services allow our clients to have their object whole. This need comes for the following:


When part of the object is missing, it can be recreated.

Wood and Stone

Missing carving can be replicated.


Damaged gilded areas (wood, metal, porcelain, etc.) can be made look like in original condition.

Tortoise shell

Sections of broken or missing elements are recreated to look like the original.


While small elements (e.g. fingers) can be recreated, larger missing parts require a different approach. The vase below is a typical example.

We were approached with a pair of Sevre vases that had missing lids. We recreated the lids in ceramic to have similar weight and feel to the vase. Matching the color and glaze are important elements of the job. Finally, the gilding (including raised, matte and shiny gold) was done to completely match the original vases. Using this service, our client now has two complete vases.
These are custom reproduction services. We create elements to specifically match existing piece(s).

Lid created Lid painted Lid finished

Please mail us or use the order form to inquire into the cost of this service.

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